What’s this song called??

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What’s the song called that goes:

“i am peter pan i’ll never be a man if you never wanna grow up take my hand i’ll take you to neverland “?

i’ve been dying to know. :c ??

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  • Peter Pan Song Lyrics

  • You are so lucky I found your question:

    This is the REAL song: “Peter Pan The Lost Boy- Ruth B (Dj Paw Tropical House)”

    Ps: heard it on the radio, and it drove me crazy b/c I couldn’t find it. That’s because Ruth B didn’t add those lyrics on her famous “Lost Boy” song. She made a vine video which is her singing it, and a magical DJ remixed it into an amazing 3 min song. (It was good enough to be on the radio). 😉


  • Neverland

    Laura Shay

  • It’s called I am Peter pan by Ruth B I downloaded it

  • Its not actually a song

    but there is this


    doesn’t have those lyrics you said though.

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