when a girl tells a guy to shutup and he says make me is it just me or do you guys think of the guy implying?

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for her to kiss him ?

okay this is playfull and like he says it all the time like i wud say shutup! hed b like make me il be like ill smak u or tape ur mouth he wud be like hm anything else

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  • No, no no no. 🙂 I’m a guy, we can just be jerks, but no, we typically mean we don’t want you to rudely tell us to shut up, and by “make me”, we’re usually implying to forcefully make us, such as a fight or something. Not that we want to get in a fight, but just that we can be physical. However, if he just very quietly and sweetly says make me, well, kiss him. 🙂

    Hope it helped!

  • No you cant incredibly tell. it incredibly is why us females have puzzling time with you adult men haha i think of a great hint may be their movements. like each and all of the others stated movements talk louder then words and that i think that it is suited to this occasion. i admire my guy friends yet im no longer in love with them. it is the reason those 3 little words get thrown around plenty. yet no we cant tell via their words yet via their movements. desire this facilitates:)

  • Kiss him? Noooo. Wrestle him maybe though. It’s a great pretense for you to touch/feel/grope someone you think is hot. Granted you gotta be like 16 or under for that situation to happen, but it’s worth it.

    I remember that kinda thing growin’ up. hot hot hot.

  • It could be flirting meaning a kiss — or it could be showing off that he’s in charge and you don’t have power over him. I don’t know the circumstances so I don’t know which it is.

  • When i say “make me” i’m not implying that, but generally a guy wants you to kiss him, so go for it.

  • Don’t consider that to be true

  • usually when guys tell girls “make me” and stuff like that they are just messing around!! you can always listen to the tone of his voice to be shore 🙂

  • Its a playful response, hoping for one back, or for a little fun…run with it.

  • yea i do.. my boyfriend says that to me and he gives me the look that he wants me to kiss him. so i would tell you yes.

    Source(s): my experience
  • It really depends

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