When and why did Mandy Patinkin leave Criminal Minds?

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I know that he was replaced by a new character played by Joe Mantegna, But I really liked him in it.

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  • No one knows. I read that he just walked off the set and people were really really annoyed with him before he did that. The article said he was a prima dona but I cant find the link to give it to you.

    I liked him in it better than the other guy for sure.

  • I miss Mandy Patinkin. Joe is good but not the same. I will continue to watch the show because it is so good.

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  • It was not a surprise to me in the least. As much as I respect Mr Patinkin’s talents (all of them, including his singing) he has pulled this stunt before (remember Chicago Hope?) I think he gets bored with repetition and needs constant challenges to keep his focus (I dunno I’m guessing here) so anyone who does hire him long term, needs to be aware of that. That being said, I don’t watch the show JUST because he was on it. However, he was a big reason and he helped me ignore the stereotypical ‘computer nerd’ who always helps out when the writer’s can’t figure out how to work the plot line. Oh well, guess we can’t have all our hopes when it comes to TV can we…or can we?

  • I don’t know either… but Jason Gideon (Mandy Patinkin) certainly had more integrity and was more believable that he was a smartie-pants profilier than the new guy.

  • He left last season and I don’t know why he left the show. I really like him but I like Joe too. Great Show.

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