When apartment listings say “cable ready”…what does it mean?

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Do you just hook up the tv in the apartment and get free channels??? Or do you need to get cable service?

5 Answers

  • Usually it means “already prewired” for cable and you still have to get cable service. If the cable company did not disconnect the “street line” after the last tenant move out, then you’ll get signal on your tv.

  • It means you have the option to start an account with the cable company and get cable. But you would still have to pay for it.

  • cable ready means that the domicile is wired for cable. it would be up to you to contact the cable provider and have it activated. even if the home is “cable included”, that means only basic cable included. if you want pay channels (ie cinemax, HBO, starz, etc) you would have to get the digital box.

  • It means the connection jack is already installed but you pay for the service. It will say free cable if cable is included in the rent.

  • It means the house is wired for cable. It would save you the instillation fee that the cable company’s charge to wire apartments.

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