when do petsmart store usually get new shipment of fish?

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Like what day of the week

Is there any chance they do it on sunday or monday, cause the clown loach sale are almost over

3 Answers

  • My local one gets it on thursdays sometimes fridays so it’s always different. Just ask them and they will tell you. You can ask if you can pay for a clown loach in advance so you can get the sale price.

    I’m going to ask. Is your tank big enough for these? You need to have them in groups of 5 or more they are a shoaling fish and feel safer in numbers.. Just incase ya didn’t know 🙂

  • It depends on the store. You’d need to ask the employs at the store when they get new fish. The store I work at gets fish on Fridays.

    Source(s): I work at Petsmart
  • All stores at different. My local petsmart gets it on Wednesdays. Call in and ask.

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