When does SBBT update their website??

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Just wanna know if my refund will hit my account the same day it hits SBBT? My DDD is 2/12

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  • As soon as irs releases refund to santa barbara (if filing with turbotax & fees taken out of refund) – santa barbara releases $$$ to your bank. My past experience with turbo tax (2 different banks) – I have received it the same day…. Always by or on ddd. This year when it gives your ddd it say you will receive it “by” such & such date… implying you can receive it earlier. I have read several people have received his or hers earlier than ddd. I have not yet… but 2 days til Im supposed to. You can find out when santa barbara has it on their site. It takes mine about an hour to go in my bank from there. I bank with USAA.

  • Every bank account that I’ve ever had on line access to updated as items were posted to the account. I can’t imagine that SBBT would be any different.

    When refunds flow through 3rd party banks such as SBBT for prep fee deductions, etc., allow an extra day or so for processing by the 3rd party bank.

  • There is usually a 1 day delay.

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