When is Grand Prairie (TX) Ford’s $88 down and $88 a-month deal and what cars is it for?

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  • Call them and ask.

  • It is possible. You’ve got to be talking about a Kia Rio or a used vehicle. To get it you’ll have to have good credit and not mind an absolute bottom of the line car. It’ll be a 72 month loan, that’s 6 years. If you don’t plan on keeping the car 6 years don’t even think about this deal, you’ll be so far upside down you’ll never be able to get out of it until about four and a half years in. If it’s a kia rio, it’ll be a stick shift without a radio or A/C. If it’s a used car expect a similar setup. The key is really just to get you in the door then show you what a terrible deal that car is compared to the more expensive car sitting next to it. Sometimes, extremely unethical dealers will quote prices with equity from your trade or cash down. Like, “Here’s a brand new Kia Optima for only $12,999*” The asterisk will read with your trade equity or cash down of $4,000.00. Really dirty trick. They might as well be saying a $10,000 car will be free with your $10,000 cash or trade equity. The $88 down and $88 a month might be using a trick like this to make it work. If they are, stay as far away from that dealership as possible. They might find a way to rip you off just for driving by.

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    When is Grand Prairie (TX) Ford’s $88 down and $88 a-month deal and what cars is it for?

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  • Most such gimmicks are designed to drive traffic onto the lot.

    Very. very few people can qualify for such promotions and almost all of them are smart enough not to fall for it.

    First off, your credit score must be 750+, that is in the top 15% nationwide.

    If you are one of the other 85%, its the same as any other day. Dealers always want to sell cars and they often dream up crazy gimmicks to draw in customers figuring that SOME of them will actually buy. (Hardly any get $88 down and $88 per month)

    Such deals are often for 4-6 months at which time much, much higher payments begin.

    So, nobody that actually qualifies would go for it.

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    There is a catch there always is. Its a five year old car that is worth very little and you pay on it for a long time. Just remember you get what you pay for you pay $88 a month you get a $88 car.

  • when dealers try to scam you in their advertising because they think you are a total idiot, just think what they will do to you when you try to get a fair deal on a vehicle

  • What types of cars?

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