When people say ‘Several’ hours.. What do they mean?

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How long IS ‘several’ hours? At 3 o clock today, i had a filling, therefore had to have one side of my mouth numbed. they said it will wear off in several hours. I am sick of it now as it is nearly 6 o clock. i cant drink, and cant eat properly. please give me some advice

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  • here’s a general guide

    a couple of hours = 2 hrs

    a few hours = 3 or 4 hrs

    several hours = 5 to 11hrs

    half a day = 12 hrs

  • Several Hours

  • Several means more than 2, but is not limited precisely at the top end (it’s relatively lower than “many”).

    In my experience, between 3 and 8-ish.

  • Usually three or four is what most people mean when they say ‘several’ and in your case it depends on your body’s metabolism. It shouldn’t be too much longer.

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