When the quadriceps contract what also must happen at the same time? MULTIPLE CHOICE?

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A. The gastrocnemius must contract.

B. The hamstrings must relax.

C. The hamstrings must contract.

D. The gastrocnemius must relax.

2 Answers

  • B.

    All muscles have an agonist/antagonist mechanism, where 1 muscle contracts and the opposite muscle relaxes.

    The quads are on the front of the thigh, and the hamstring on the back. If the front contracts, the back must relax.

    The gastrocnemius is the calf muscle, and has no relation to the thigh muscles.

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  • E. none of the above.

    both the hamstring and the quadriceps can contract simultaneously. It’s called isometric contraction

    Also there is always some antagonistic interference with contractions one way or the other, as in it’s very difficult to contract the quads without having Some hamstring involvement, and vice versa.

    So none of the 4 are really a Must for a hamstring contraction to occur

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