When x=8, the rate at which f(x)= x^1/3 is increasing is 1/k times the rate at which g(x)=x is increasing. ?

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What is the value of k?

Someone please help me

apreciate the answers… and just so you know I strongly support doing homework on your own and I take AP Calculus so I am not trying to get people to do my homework .. These are problems we did in class and I am just trying to understand them because I don’t get it… thanks again 🙂

1 Answer

  • df/dx = 1/3 x ^(-2/3)

    dg/dx = 1

    df/dx = 1/k * dg/dx

    plug in x = 8, and plug in df/dx and dg/dx

    and, you get just a single variable: k – solve for it

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