where can I recycle old magazines for money?

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my dad has old real estate magazines where can he sell or recycle them for money.

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  • You would call up recycling plants and ask them if they take magazines in and pay you money. I’m not aware of any place that does this that’s open to the public – most recycling centers that return money are for cans and bottles.

    The amount they pay you may not be worth the cost to haul it and deal with it. You may just want to start beaking them down and putting them in the recycle bin. If you don’t have curbside recycling, then call around and ask where you can bring it.

  • well i’m not sure bout “recycling” but maybe u can use them 2 do crafts, like a clashae, or u can cut them out and use it as wall paper on the top. u can also if u have a garbage can in ur room u can cover the can up in magazine paper 2 give it a “zing”, lol…well hope y figure something out.

  • u have 3-5 thousand?

    at a paper recycle plant

    this is not a RE query

  • https://shorturl.im/awzO2

    Of course not. What part of “donating” do you not get?

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