where could i find the soundtrack to the movie “prison song”?

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my favorite movie is prison song and i dont know where to find the CD. i just wanna know the name of the songs from the movie and who sings them so i can dowload them into my ipod. so if anyone knows, get back @ me. holla!

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  • here’s the only 2 songs i could find:

    — “A Teacher’s Tale (Oh Well)”

    (Elvis Costello)

    — “Soul for Hire”

    (Elvis Costello)

  • For the best answers, search on this site shorturl.im/JLoet

    The Graduate- I like Paul & Art a great deal, so this obviously belongs on my list. Trainspotting- Brian Eno, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop.. Need I say more? My Fair Lady- This was one of my favorite movies as a little girl, and I still sing along when I see the movie. Grease- I think more people own this soundtrack than are willing to admit! It seriously hasn’t been that long since my friends and I belted out “Summer Nights” together. (When I say not that long, I mean within maybe… 56 hours?) The Pink Panther- Big fan of Henry Mancini. I don’t own this soundtrack, but I have plenty Mancini records. Dude’s the man. Stop Making Sense- I love the Talking Heads, and David Byrne is a genius. I think it’s kind of unfair that a concert movie can make this list, although it is probably the best one ever made. Rushmore- Aside from being in my top three movies of all time, I love the songs in this movie. The Kinks, The Who, Cat Stevens, Faces. I do think The Life Aquatic should be on this list, too. The David Bowie covers in that movie are amazing. Good Will Hunting- As an Elliott Smith superfan, I have to put this on the list. Although I don’t care much for the rest of the soundtrack. Wish I’d seen more of these movies! I know what I’m doing with my day now. EDIT: Whoops, forgot the BQs. BQ1: As I said above, The Life Aquatic really should have been on this list. Actually maybe all of Wes Anderson’s soundtracks. I think he’s got pretty good music taste. BQ2: I have not seen any movies with a good soundtrack this year. Sorry!

  • Prison Song Movie Soundtrack

  • Prison Song Soundtrack

  • Good evening Punch 🙂 1) A Hard Day’s Night Well, the songs from this are in amongst all my other Beatles songs, but these are some of the ‘early years’ I like the most. 15) American Graffiti One of my mother’s favourite films, I love the music. 25) Singing in the Rain 27) Grease 30) The Rocky Horror Picture Show 50) Oliver Four childhood / teen loves which have endured {especially 27 & 30!} 54) Woodstock Do I need to give details?! 81) Local Hero Mark Knopfler’s first solo endevour – beautiful. BQ: The Breakfast Club

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  • Evening, desperately attempting to locate the songs myself. In an effort to put pressure on anyone who might be able to locate and open access it, I have listed every detail of the people involved in the music:

    Prison Song

    Courtesy of nomasons.wordpress.com

    Music Consultant, Sharon Boyle

    Music Coordinator, Jason Alexander

    Music Editor

    Shari Schwartz Johanson

    Assitant Music Editor Missy Cohen

    Original Music By

    Derrik Garrett, John Bryan, and Fred Rosser for Utopia Entertainment inc

    Original music mixed and recorded by Rory Young, Acme Recording,

    Studio and Additional recording Michael Messier @ The Lab

    Additional Remixing by DG, FR and Jonuz for Utopia Entertainment Inc

    Soundtrack Album available on Tommy Boy Records

    Street Life,

    Written By John Bryan, George Crosley and Kimberley Leadbetter

    Performed by Cas and Mona Lisa

    Courtesy of Utopia Entertainment inc

    What would you do

    Written by Fred Rosser, Steffanie Cooke, and Derrick Garrett

    Performed by Steffani Cooke,

    Courtesy of UTI

    Moms Song

    Written by Kamall Fareed and Mary J Blige

    Performed by Mary J Blioge

    Where Will I Go

    Wirtten by Chris Liggio, Joey Dellamedaglia

    Performed by Jus Joey

    Cortesy of CL Entertianment Inc


    Written by K Holly, A Maman, G Taylor, G Portnoy, S Sheridan,

    Performed by Capone, featuring Keanna Henson

    Courtesy of Tommy Boy Music

    Contains a replay of “Say Goodnight” written by G Portnoy, S Sheridan

    Don’t Want None

    Written by Jerelle Anderson, Vida Brynson, Wayne Harnet, Stephanie Martin, J T Money, John Smith

    Performed by Lyrical Giants

    Courtesy of Tommy Boyu Music

    H O S T Y L E

    Written by Mike Heron, Fredrick Ivey

    Performed by Screwball

    Courtesy of Tommy Boy Music


    Written by E Isley, M Isley, C Jasper, R Isley, O Isleym R Isley, S Gaines, A Williams

    Performed by Shelley Gaines

    Courtesy of Tommy Boy Gospel

    Contains elements of “Between the sheets”

    Written by E Isley, M ISley, C Jasper, R Isley, O Isley, R Isley

    Thomas’ Rap

    Written by Fred Rosser, Ace Money

    Performed by Ace

    Courtesy of UEI and Ace Money

    U Don’t Wanna (B.D.S.)

    Written by David Jolicoeur, Vincent Mason, Kelvyn Mercer

    Performedb y De La Soul featuring Freddie Foxx

    Courtesy of Tommy Boy Music


    Written by Fred Rosser, Derrick Garrett, and Keon Bryce

    Performed by Keon Bryce

    Courtesy of Utopia Entertainment Inc


    Written by Kiam Holley, Kevin Ravenell

    Performed by Capone

    Courtesy of Tommy Boy Music

    The Men In Blue

    Written by Paul Huston, Eric Schrody

    Performed by Prince Paul featuring Everlast

    Courtesy of Tommy Boy Music

    Doin The Time

    Written by K Boatend, L Frazer,

    Performed by Ghetto Concept

    Big Petes Rap

    Written by Kamall Fareed and Joseph Cartagena

    Performed by Fat Joe

    The Shower

    Written by Kamall Fareed

    Performed by Q Tip

    For The Hotties

    Writen by John Bryan and George Crosley

    Performed by Cas

    Cortesy of Utopia Ent Inc

    I Have A Song

    Written by Fred Rosser and Eric Roberson

    Performed by Eric Roberson

    Courtesy Entertainment Inc

    The Yard

    Written by Kamall Fareed

    Performed by Q-Tip

    Cry No More

    Written by Anthony Williams

    Performed by Tonex

    Cortesu of Tommy Boy Music

    Prison Song

    Written by Victor Santiago, James Heard, Chris Kellam

    Performedb y Noreaga

    Courtesy of Tommy Boy Music


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