where do i find the mist form in castlevania symphony of the night?

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im having trouble finding it. how do i even get to the area where it is. i dont know if i have the right things to get there but so far i have the leap stone, soul of wolf, holy symbol, merman statue, cube of zoe. do i need to find more relics to get there? where do i need to go to even get to the side where the mist form is at

5 Answers

  • Go back to the clock room where you met Maria. Wait for a minute there, the statue on the left should either be open, or will open in a minute. Up the left side leads to the coliseum, up the right (with the stopwatch) will get you the AlucarT gear, up the middle (once you have the bat form- that’s back in the Library after you get the Mist form) will lead to the Gravity Boots.

    Fight the boss of the Coliseum, to get it, but don’t forget to get the Shield Rod while you’re there.

  • To get the Mist form, you must first get into the Coliseum. When you’re

                 there, go up and around a red elevator shaft platform. Once on top of it, 
                 do a double jump over to the Mist form, without touching the switch. If 
                 you touch the switch, the bottom will open, making it harder to grab the 

    Mist form.

  • U have to get the glasses from Maria I think once u get the glasses ur able to beat Richard I dont remember were she is but she’s in a hidden place somewhere in the middle of the map also forgot to add that u have to fight her to get them

  • Behind the trap door. To the left of the haunted cake pan. Below the sink and parallel to the spooky flower arrangement.

  • I would look up a gameplay walkthrough online.

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