where do I find wheat germ?? (what stores and what is it grouped with?)?

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  • Cereal section of the grocery store.

    EVERY store that I have been to has wheat germ – from podunk towns in Texas to even smaller and more podunk towns in Mississippi.

  • Wheat Germ Whole Foods

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  • I find wheat germ at the local Whole Foods although I’m sure they carry it at the commerical supermarkets as well. I find it in the baking and bulk/dry foods section.

  • toasted wheat germ is most often found in the cereal section of any supermarket often near the oatmeal. raw wheat germ is found with the flour in the baking section.

  • It is in a jar and called Kretchmers, even health food stores will have it, one word of caution it must be kept cool, so I keep mine in the freezer.

    It has an oil in it that will go rancid if not kept cool, I use it as a cereal additive, in veggie burgers, as a fiber addition to to sauces.

  • Almost all store carry it either in the Cereal aisle or the baking section. Don’t just look for it in a box or bag sometimes it’s in a jar.

  • I have seen it on the cereal Isle in Wal-mart and other grocery stores. I love it sprinkled on ice cream or yogurt.

  • They should carry it in almost all foodmarkets, I’m not sure exactly where. I normally get mine in the health food section

    but it may or maynot always be located there.

  • In my Wal-mart it is with the baking goods, such as flour, yeast, corn meal.

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