Where do i know the jingle “i like cнιcκen, I like liver I like meow mix please deliver” from?

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If anyone could tell me it would be a huge help, its stuck in my head!

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  • the meow mix commercial… lol i think thats it. like a cat food commercial

  • The jingle was written by Shelly Palmer in 1970 for Meow mix. The lyrics were,

    “I want tuna, I want cнιcκen, Meow Mix flavors keep me lickin.”

    In commercials, it was typically meowed by a cat, with English subtitles.

    Its used alot in popular culture like the Simpson’s, Austin Powers, Malcolm in the Middle, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

    Shelly Palmer also did the music for Monday Night Football and “Who wants to be a millionaire?”

    Over time, of course, the lyrics were changed to keep the song “fresh like the food”

  • It was the jingle for Meow Mix cat food for a long time. It was also used in the first Austin Powers movie when Dr. Evil was trying to get Mr. Bigglesworth into his escape pod at the end.

  • Liver’s not safe. Read this study: “It is estimated that 1.3 million cнιcκens identify themselves as alcoholics. Sources confirm that the increase cruelty on the animals have led to such an addiction. Livers have now been considered harmful to those who consume them”.


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