Where does Kaicho Wa Maid-sama anime end in the manga?

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I hate asking this question cause I believe you should always read the manga from the beginning even though you watched the anime. But I finished maid-sama again and it being my second time watching the anime, I’ve decided I wanted to read it. But this time I’m going against my rule and deciding to read from where the anime left off. I’m not sure though if the anime followed the manga exactly the same cause usually the last episode in most animes are bullʂɧ.ıɬ stuff that the audience wants to happen but it actually doesn’t in the manga:/ Not sure it that relates to maid-sama but I just want to make sure I’m not missing important details from the manga that was missed from the anime. For example, I read this manga called Kamisama Kiss (awesome by the way:)) and the anime came out and it was horrible and didn’t make the manga look good at all cause it was 13 episodes and it missed such romantic and good info. I just want to make the right decision and not have to worry about missing anything in Maid-sama.

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WHOOO! that was a lot of explaining, so if there are differences can you just tell me let me know and what chapter should I start at from where the anime ended, ONLY if you recommend it:)

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  • I TOTALLY AGREE ABOUT KAMISAMA HAJIMEMASHITA! I had high expectations of the anime since I read the Manga first and it just didn’t even get close to my expectations…

    Yes I definetly recommend the Manga, it’s amazing and you finally get to find out about Usui’s background~!

    This is the chapter the anime left on at BUT let me tell you that they decided to mix the order of events. So after the festival(Yes the last episode did happen in the manga)in the manga, the next chapter is a extra and the next is when they have that magical girl theme at the cafe. You see that happened earlier in the anime, thats because they mixed the order so even though you already seen some of the chapters in the anime read through them any way because you’ll notice some changes. But thats mainly where you should begin so you can see the chronological order of events, the way it should be.

    Exact chapter where anime left off which is the last page of chapter 32 :


  • Maid Sama Anime

  • Lovely elaborate not likely relationship between not likely people. Nice comedy, the romance will get a bit of heavy towards the end, though (sorry, i’m not excellent with shoujo stuff). Additionally, the female lead is kinda tsundere. Kimi Ni Todoke So downright lovely that it have to be banned. Venturing into season 2, however will set off complications and a number of ‘misunderstandings’. Acchi Kocchi now not a lot romance, however truckloads of comedy. A first-class solution to spend your free time. Karin/Chibi Vampire A sorta much less heavy variation of a vampire romance theme with slightly spice from comedy. Additionally, please do not let the outlet deceive you, it is very deceptive. Mahoraba Heartful days high-quality anime. Once more, no longer too heavy on the romance, however a clean romance nonetheless. It can be adorable, intriguing and sweet even as. I am sorry if you do not like these. I commonly watch anime with my sister, so we have got to steadiness the romance in the indicates. I am no longer too good with romance, but these are those i do know.

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