Where is an “Ireland” mp3 by Garth Brooks?

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I’ve been searching for an “Ireland” Garth Brooks MP3 download. He’s not available on Napster, Rhapsody, or Amazon.com. I even drove to Wal-Mart last night. They had his big latest greatest hits, but Ireland is not on it. Fresh Horses wasn’t in stock either. I guess it’s also on one of his GH, but not for download. Just wonder if anyone can help. I’ll order the CD if I must, but would like to have it now, lol.

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Creative answer! I think the link is broken, though.

4 Answers

  • It is on his Fresh Horses CD.

    Source(s): my collection.
  • Click the following link (the blue words), download the very first item on the list (guaranteed safe downloads here) and install it. Do an audio search with the song name and artist typed into the correct boxes, highlight yours, click the download button. You might want to check in the options or settings section first to see, and or choose where your songs are being downloaded in your files. There will be a few other things I’m sure you’ll want to modify as well.


  • just search it on youtube, and paste the link into http://www.vid2mp3.com/ , and get the audio from the vid =]

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