Where is the expiration date on a monster energy drink can?

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i cant seem to find the Ex. date? can UU olz help!

6 Answers

  • There is no visible expiration date on a can of Monster. The expiration date is a code. Any Monster sales rep can tell you.

    But for good measure, All Monster brands have a 2 year shelf life, with the exception of Lo Carb, it only has 1 year.

  • Rehab Monster Drink

  • A=jan B=feb C=Mar and so on middle number is the year last number is the day…the cans have a born on date not expiration. for example B1511….Born on date of Feb 11th 2015

  • You turn into a monster with no energy.

  • Look on the bottom! Tell the store if you still can’t find it! It might be side ways on the can by the nutrition facts!

  • It should say the experation date.If not go ahead and go to the store.and tell them.If they canthelp you call the company.Good luck

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