Where to get the starters for Pokemon LIGHTNING yellow?

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Pokemon lighting yellow is a pokemon fire red hack but with the pokemon yellow story, its pretty cool but idk where to get the starters… its not the same as yellow, which is why im having trouble… is there anyone out there that has played this game and know where to get the starters?

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  • not a game

  • Pokemon Yellow Starters

  • Ryu is correct but I will help you get them specifically First,Bulbasaur can be found in the house to the west of the Cerulean City Pokemon Center. Here, a lady offers you a Bulbasaur that she has nursed back to health if your Pikachu is in a happy mood. Next, Charmander can be found north of Nugget Bridge – speak to the trainer on the raised platform in the north-west corner of Route 25. Claiming that he is a bad trainer, he’ll offer you Charmander. Finally, once you have obtained the Thunder Badge by beating Lt Surge at the Vermilion Gym, talk to Officer Jenny in the middle of town to get Squirtle. Hope this helps you out!

  • This video will show you how to get Bulbasaur:


    The others should be the same as in Yellow, but I’m not so sure.

  • if its not a legit game and is hacked how would anyone know, my best guess is at the beggining of the game at professor oaks house or mansion.

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