Which Christian sect makes women wear denim skirts and not cut their hair?

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When did this start?

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  • sounds like united pentecostal, except they don’t have to be denim. here’s the rules:

    no jewelry

    no nail polish

    no cutting hair

    obey your husband, he is leader of the house

    no piercings (ears too)

    no tatoos

    no beards on guys

    no shorts on guys

    no pants on girls

    no short sleeves on girls

    no short skirts

  • Long Denim Skirts Religion

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    Which Christian sect makes women wear denim skirts and not cut their hair?

    When did this start?

  • I do not beleive there are any sects that make women wear denim skirts, but there are some pentecostal groups in which women must wear skirts and not cut their hair,

  • No sect requires “denim” skirts, any material is fine as long as it’s a skirt. We wear denim a lot because it is like jeans are to you… It’s our “jeans” and relaxing wear.

  • There is no sect that requires denim skirts, but I guess they are cheap and durable. Pentacostals and orthodox Jews as well as Mennonites require skirts! It is also cheap to avoid spending money on the salon. I know, because I spend about $800 a year on my hair. Now, I suppose I should give that money to charity. I know many groups are very opposed to spending money on “vanity” items.

  • Pentecostals are not forced to wear the skirts and not cut their hair its a free choice

  • Debbie Gibson or Tiffany sect?

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  • Penecostal do I beleive. I am a Catholic and dress modestly in skirts/dresses and my hair is long but I wear it long because my husband prefers it not because of my faith.

  • it’s long skirts and no cutting hair and it’s ƿє-ṅєcostal.. my mom’s friend is this faith. they don’t watch tv either. they have some strong beliefs but they are good people

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