Which culture do you think has the worst food?

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I’m going to have to throw my people under the bus here, but in my opinion haitians have the worst food. 

For example, they love to eat corn meal and yams. There’s this one cuisine called mayi moulen and it tastes so bland. The bread that they make is so stale too! And they love to fry foods like plantain and pork. What sucks the most is that a lot of their food is high in salt so most haitians are doomed to get high blood pressure and obesity. I’m glad I grew up in the states I could not survive off that crap. 

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8 Answers

  • Traditional Finish food.  The only way to love it is to have feelings of nostalgia because a loving grandma used to make it to show caring.  Nobody would miss it otherwise.

  • British cuisine might be the worst.

  • Haitian food is basically what is available to sustain the population-which is chicken, rice and beans. Plantains and pork when available. 

    Probably the Worst cuisine is the one when it uses ingredients you have never even heard of-or involves ingredients that just make you go ‘EWWW’, like fried roaches. 

  • My own personal opinion is Mexican food. 

  • Many Haitians are very poor, so their cuisine is anything available which is both edible and affordable.

  • Eastern Europe, so Hungary, Russia, those places. Root veggies and tough meat, in my experience, nothing to write home about.

  • I suspect there are culture in the Amazon that have some pretty nasty delicacies. 

    Inuit traditional food is going to be less than desirable. 

  • Canada.   Not because food in Canada is bad, but simply because Canadians do not seem to have a national cuisine.   I suppose one could say the same thing about the USA.   Both are large countries with diverse geography so I guess it makes sense that there wouldn’t really be a national cuisine.

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