Which dollar store carrys the infamous umbrella hat?

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6 Answers

  • They have them in Dollar Tree and Family Dollar.

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    Dollar Tree tests rock! Just check the expiration date before you stock up tho. They measure the same amount of HCG that a regular $18 test does 😉 Hell, in the 2 years i was trying i spent so much $$ on Dollar Tree tests that Mr. Dollar Tree’s kids are going to go to college on my dime LOL 😉 Good luck and baby dust to you!!!!!!!

  • My dad had one of those. Yep. Classy.

    It’s a rather silly product that just about any ɡɑɡ store might supply. I’ve never actually seen one in a Dollar Store. I have seen them in party and ɡɑɡ stores and in that catalog “Things you never knew existed”

  • OMG I think its the store thats called the dollor store

  • You can also find them on Ebay and at some flea markets

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