Which factor affects the heart rate in mammals?

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A. RBC count in blood B. Blood type C. Need for oxygen

3 Answers

  • A is the answer.

    B – irrelevant

    C – actually, it’s the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that stimulates out breathing

    Hope this helps!

  • Like somebody else pronounced, the customary fee is 32-40 beats in line with minute. it is likewise accepted for horses to “drop” a beat on a similar time as they are comfortable and not in contact in any interest. this means that they only pass a beat. So in case you particularly attempt this in accordance to particular music, only confirm you pay interest so which you do not get perplexed. you shouldn’t count huge type the skipped beats in the completed beats in line with minute. i don’t have a particular website yet i know that if a horse is harm, injured, or ill the coronary heart fee often will improve. Any kind of stress often ends up in a upward thrust.

  • what they mean by need for oxygen is like when you run you need more oxygen so you breath faster and your heart rate goes up

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