Which formula represents a compound that is formed primarily by sharing electrons?

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1. KCL





What is the total number of moles of atoms contained in 1 mole of NH3?

1.1 mole

2.2 moles

3.3 moles

4. 4 moles

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3 Answers

  • 1. No: ionic, contains K+ and Cl- ions

    2. No: ionic, contains Ca2+ and Cl- ions

    3. No: ionic, contains Cr3+ and Cl- ions

    4. Yes: contains a carbon atom covalently bonded to four chlorine atoms

    One mole of NH3 contains one mole of nitrogen atoms and three moles of hydrogen atoms, so the total is 4 moles.

  • evaluate if CCl4 replaced into ionic that would advise C++++, `the ionic can charge could no longer exist, the skill required for stability is merely to severe. So it exists as a covalent shared electrons compound. Carbon has 4 electrons in it rather is outer shell and has optimal stability while it extremely is 8. So CCl4 carbon shares with each and every chlorine atom a million electron, and each chlorine shares a million electron interior the bond. Giving CCl4

  • Question 1 is CCl4.

    Question 2 is 4 moles.

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