Which is correct. “”Yes it does” or “yes it do?” And when do you use the word “does” and “do?”?

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  • Unlike many other aspects of English, English verb conjugation is quite simple.

    In the present tense, you always use “do” except in the third person singular:

    I do

    You do

    He/she/it DOES

    We do

    You do

    They do

    So the correct version here is “Yes, it DOES.”

  • Correct: Yes it does..

    Incorrect: Yes it do…

    Example 1: If people believe in Aliens, yes it does matter.

    Example 2: I do not believe Aliens are real, as a result, they do not matter.

  • First and second person (singular and plural) takes “do,” but third person singular takes “does” and plural takes “do,” e.g., it does or they do.

  • You use “does” for third person singular–he does, she does, it does. All other persons, both singular and plural, use “do.” (I do, you do, we do, all of you do, they do.)

  • yes it does!!!!!!!

    do not use “yes it do”

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