Which is lighter, gold or plastic ?

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  • Plastic

  • Suppose you have 10 g of some plastic and 1 g of gold. Which sample is lighter? The gold.

    Suppose you have 1 g of some plastic and 10 g of gold. Which sample is lighter? The plastic.

    The word lighter in this context refers to which of two samples has the smaller mass. The masses of different samples can vary whereas the density does not.

    I think the question you meant to ask was:

    Which is denser, gold or plastic?

    In that case, gold is significantly more dense than any plastic. Here is a link:


    which gives a sample list of densities of various plastics. I will leave you ti look up the density of gold.

  • Ligher or heavier would have to refer to specific objects. And certainly it’s possible to have a piece of plastic that is heavier than a smaller piece of gold. What you are really asking about is the density. Gold is more dense than the most dense form of plastic.

  • plastic is lighter than gold,

    however if some one said, i have 1lb of gold and 1lb. of plastic, which is lighter or heavy er

    the answer is NEITHER, as 1lb of one will be equal to 1lb of the other.

    if they ask “volume” their will be more plastic to put in the box to equal the 1 lb. and a vary small box for the gold for 1lb.

    i hope this helps ;you

  • the word plastic is too broad and it involves many many types…. plastics are generally made up of poylmers.. and polymers are too broad again… the armor used in army is also a type of high level poylmer….. so i hope u understand…

    speaking in terms of density wise, gold is much heavier than plastic…… u cannot make such comparisons in density because both are entirely different group of materials….

  • by the way, plastic is lighter

    but if we go through the weight of the both, its same

    for eg: 1kg of gold = 1kg of plastic

  • plastic

  • Plastic, that’s not chemistry!

  • Gold is lighter…..

  • notsureifsrs


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