which of acceleration, age, speed, temperature, and velocity are vector quantities?

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acceleration, age &temp

all are vectors


accel. & velocity

age,speed &temp

accel, speed and temp

accel. speed velocity

accel speed age temp

all are scalars

5 Answers

  • the only one that is a vector is acceleration all others are scalars because they are not dependent on direction

  • Only acceleration and velocity because they have a direction in space (e.g. to the left)

    The others are scalars because they have no spatal direction.

  • Vectors have a direction. I think you can figure out which ones have a direction.

    [You could at least TRY to answer these – like give us what you think the answer is. Otherwise you’re just saying, “Here, answer my homework questions for me.” Having someone just give you the answer may raise your score, but you’re not really learning anything.]

  • Acceleration and velocity because they relate to direction

  • And what prevents you from studying vectors? All questions are trivial.

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