Which of the compounds exhibit resonance structures? Please help.?

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Which of the compounds exhibit three resonance structures?

SO2 SO3 CO3(2- charge) NO3(1− charge) O3 I3(1- charge)

2 Answers

  • so3 does

    co3 does

    no3 does

    all of the above have one double bond coming off of the central atom–resonance is taking into account the fact that these double bonds can switch places. in these particular situations, because there are 3 atoms coming of the central atom, and because of the particular valence electrons there are (24 for each of the above), there happens to be 3 resonance structures.

    not sure about o3i3

    Source(s): i’m in ap chem,
  • SO3, CO3 , NO3 only

    Source(s): Just answered, same hw

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