which of the followig titles of novels.which one would you expect to be about the adventures of a sled dog?

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A.The call ot the wild

B.Sons of Lovers

C.A Passage to India

D.The Secret Agent

5 Answers

  • The Call of the Wild, duh. I just can’t imagine any of the others having anything to do with adventure and sled dogs. Lol.

  • Written in a certain way, with particular themes, characters, plot, etc., any of these could be about the “adventures of a sled dog”. However, historically, the answer would be A. The Call of the Wild.

    It would be interesting to see a sled dog story titled A Passage to India.

  • The Call of the Wild or as you said it The call ot the wild.

  • The call ot the wild

    (i read it in school)

    Source(s): Me/ Mrs.Durrett
  • Wow…this is obvious. Call of the Wild.

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