Which of the following best explains ways in which fish and mammals differ?

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Fish are invertebrates and have scales and paired fins, while mammals are vertebrates and have fur or hair.

Fish are ectothermic and lay eggs to reproduce, while mammals are endothermic and give live birth to offspring.

Fish are endothermic and have gills, while mammals are ectothermic and have lungs.

Fish have streamlined bodies and three-chambered hearts, while mammals are bipedal and have four-chambered hearts.

2 Answers

  • fish ARE vertebrates, numbnuts. some mammals have paired fins too. and reptiles have scales. so you got the first one wrong.

    some fish give birth to live young, and some mammals lay eggs. some fish ALSO can control their body temperature, like tuna. second one is wrong!

    some reptiles are endothermic and have gills. again, you’re wrong.

    not all mammals are bipedal, some have fins. AND those mammals are streamlined, so you’re wrong AGAIN.

    there is no definition of a group of animals. except for birds. they have feathers and are the only critters that do.

    try again.

  • All of them expect the 2nd. Some fish such as shark give birth.

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