Which of the following compounds consist of molecules and which consist of ions?

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Which of the following compounds consist of molecules and which consist of ions?

a. LiOH

b. Ba(NO3)2

c. HNO3

d. CH3[(CH2)3]OH

This is exactly how my teacher worded the question so i am confused as to what he means.

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  • Firstly clear ur concept about molecules and ions..

    Molecules are groups of atoms that can exist stable in general conditions ..

    Ions are charged atoms which come as to complete thier octet and make a compound.

    So each compound is a molecule but some consist of ions and some of bonds…

    a.LiOH – It is an ionic compound

    b.Ba(NO3)2 – It is also ionic

    c.HNO3 – Yet tis is ionic too

    d.CH3[(CH2)3]OH – This compound consists of bonds covalent bonds

    And All the above are molecules…

    Source(s): Clear ur concepts thoroughly first…
    Hope this helps…
  • i think of A as there are a number of typs of compounds 2 of them is First ,Ionic bond 2d , Covalent bond some molecules are Covalent and a few are Ionic . it relies upon on electro negativity of there atoms if the version in electro negativity is extra suitable than a million.7 the bond Will have a tendency to be ionic no count if it extremely is way less it extremely is going to be Covalent like Salt NaCl Na+ Cl- as a ionic compound like O2 as Covalent Compound

  • Lithium hydroxide exists as an ionic lattice of lithium and hydroxide ions.

    And barium nitrate, as barium 2+ ions and nitrate ions

    But pure HNO3 is a liquid, at room temp, so that must exist as molecules.

    As soon as you dissolve it, it turns into ions, but then it’s not a compound any more, it’s a mixture, a solution of HNO3 in water.

    butan-1-ol is made of molecules, and stays as molecules even when it dissolves.

  • consist of ions

    a. LiOH

    b. Ba(NO3)2

    c. HNO3

    consist of molecules


  • a = ionic

    b = ionic

    c = ionic – as it ionises in water

    d = molecule

    molecule = covalently bonded

    ionic – ionic bonds between cations and anions

    Source(s): 96 in gcse chem
    100 in as chem

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