Which of the following could be added to a solution of sodium acetate to produce a buffer?

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A.) acetic acid only

B.) acetic acid or hydrochloric acid

C.) potassium acetate only

D.) sodium chloride or potassium acetate

E.) hydrochloric acid only

4 Answers

  • a buffer is a combination of a weak acid with its conjugate base. Acetic acid and acetate anion is a buffer pair. Theacetic acid can come from acetic acid itself or can be generated in situ from sodium acetate and hydrochloric acid.

    NaOOCCH3 + H+ ā€”ā€”- CH3 COOH so B

    Source(s): Ph.D. Biochem BS Chem
  • i might say that there could be a typo or some kind of mistake using fact of actuality, from what i understand, in certainty the launch of the acetate ion from the inclusion of sodium acetate might want a buffer answer. for that reason, i might say that (a) ought to be the appropriate answer. in spite of the reality that, NaOH ought to, for yet another excuse that iā€™m now no longer wakeful of, want a buffer answer. yet I honestly have by skill of no skill heard of one in each and every of those solid judgment and that i doubt no remember if something so particular ought to be examined of you.

  • The answer is A. I always used that buffer in my lab. It is called Acetate buffer

  • B. Both a weak acid and a strong acid can provide buffering

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