Which of the following could represent consecutive even integers?

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1.) x+1, x+2

2.) x+1, x+3

3.) 2x, 2x+1

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3 Answers

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    say x = 5 then x + 1 = 6 and x + 3 = 8

    The others are just consecutive integers, not consecutive EVEN integers.

  • The second one (x +1, x+3) because the difference between any even integers is 2. If lets say you’re x=1, then automatically x+1= 2, x + 2 = 3…it’s not consecutive even integers…its just consecutive integers. But x + 1 = 2, x+3=4…2 & 4 are consecutive even integers

    PS. Even if it’s consecutive odd integers, it’s still the second one, because of the same reason

  • omg, i just had a test on this yesterday..and had the same problem. but i believe its 1. it will be x, x+2,x+4, x+6……

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