Which of the following does not affect a material’s resistance?

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Which of the following does not affect a material’s resistance?

the length of the material

the type of material

the temperature of the material

Ohm’s law

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  • ohm’s law because it is to do with electrical resistance.

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  • The 2nd and 3rd discussions were good but didn’t discuss magnetism. The 1st guy: an open circuit has infinite resistance. Even a straight piece of wire has some self-inductance (or self-magnetism). One affect of inductance is that it opposes changes in current. So when you first apply a dc voltage across a wire and a dc current starts to flow, the self-inductance will resist the increase in current. It will appear to be because of higher resistance than expected. But the current will increase over a short time, and once it gets to a steady-state, the apparent resistance from the self-inductance is zero. This, self-inductance in a straight piece of wire, is a minor affect compared to components that presumably are in the circuit. After the current reaches steady state, the self-inductance will try to oppose a decrease in current. If the voltage and therefore the current are ac – alternating, this gets more complicated. The current is always trying to change. At the level of study I think you are, you should save this for later.

  • Ohm’s Law does not “affect” the resistance of a material; it is in fact the Law which defines what resistance is.

  • resistance increases in proportion to length

    different types of material have different resistance

    temperature affects resistance. (most materials increase resistance with temperature)

    Ohms law doesn,t

  • Ohms law!

    assuming this is electrical question?!?!?!?

    length does.obviously takes longer to travel.

    type will.depending on conductivity of said material.

    temperature will.resitance will increase/decrease depending on how hot said material is.

    ohms law is a formula for determining numerous electrical equations!

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  • Ohms law is constant, thats why its a law R=V/I . All the other options are variables, therefore can change thus the resistance will change.


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  • Ohm’s Law.

  • Resistance = (rho[resistivity of material] * length) / average cross sectonal area of material

    Cooler temperature will also promote conductivity (reduce resistance).

  • Length of material.

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