Which of the following electron configurations is correct for the ion Ag+ ?

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a. [Kr]5s14d9

b.  [Kr]5s14d10  

c.  [Kr]4d10  

d.  [Kr]5s24d8  

e.  [Kr]4d9

3 Answers

  • the correct electronic configuration of Ag (not Ag+)

    is [Kr]4d10 5s1

    this is according to Aubaus principle…….

    and now for Ag+……

    1 electron is remove from the 5s orbital……….

    so finally electronic configuration becomes…….

    c. [Kr]4d10

    all the best……..

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  • Ag+ has 46 electrons in 4 shells, having lost the one valence electron from its 5th shell.

    Shell 1 = 2, Shell 2 = 8, Shell 3 = 18, and Shell 4 = 18.

    Shell 5 will normally have 1 electron when as a stable element.

  • c [Kr] 4d 10

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