Which of the following examples illustrates static friction in action?

NetherCraft 0

a ball rolling down a hill

a skater gliding across the ice

a plane flying through the air

a car starting to move after the light changes from red to green

A team of dogs pulls a sled across the snow. The weight of the loaded sled is 2,200 N. The coefficient of friction is 0.15. How hard must the dogs pull so that their effort just equals the frictional force?

220 N

330 N

15,000 N

34 N

A force of 8,480 N is applied to a cart to decelerate it at a rate of 32.0 m/s2. What is the mass of the cart?

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865 kg

377 kg

265 kg

27.0 kg

The source of the centripetal force that arises when a runner rounds a curve on a track is _____.





An athlete prepares to throw a 2.0-kilogram discus. His arm is 0.75 meters long. He spins around several times with the discus at the end of his out-stretched arm so that the discus reaches a velocity of 5.0 m/s. What is the centripetal force acting on the discus?

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9.4 N

14 N

27 N

66 N

Please help me, I need these answers asap! thanks.

1 Answer

  • you did not give any numbers to your questions. here are the answer in the same order.

    1) a car starting to move after the light changes from red to green

    2) pulling force of dogs fL = us N = 0.15 x2200 = 330 N

    3) mass of the cart m = F / a = 8480 / 32 = 265 kg

    4) the source of centripetal force for the runner is — friction

    5) centripetal force on the disc fc = m v^2 / r = 2 x 5 x 5 / 0.75 = 66 N.

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