. Which of the following indicates that you should not use the opposite side of the road to pass?

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A. Approaching a hill

B. Driving next to a solid yellow line

C. Oncoming traffic is 200 ft away

D. All of the above

6 Answers

  • That would also apply when you begin driving up the hill with a solid yellow line by your door side with oncoming traffic 200 feet away. It’s all of the above.

  • I don’t even have to read the driver license manual to know that it’s D.

  • Since A, B, and C are all prima facie no passing zones, that only leaves D.

  • The answer is in your text book. No sense in repeating it here.

  • Using common sense, wouldn’t you think it is “D”?

  • You forgot one. E: Junior should do his own homework.

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