Which of the following is an amino group?

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Question 36 Which of the following is an amino group? -COOH -CO -OH -NH2
Question 37 The results of dehydration synthesis can be reversed by the addition of an amino group. hydrolysis. condensation.
Question 38 An oil may be converted into a substance that is solid at room temperature by cooling it, so that double bonds fo
Question 39 A major type of lipid found in cell membranes is glycerol. @phospholipids. e waxes. triglycerides.
Question 40 Amino acids can be distinguished from one another by the type of bond between the R group and the rest of the ami
Question 41 Proteins differ from one another because each protein contains its own unique sequence of sugar molecules. @ the

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Q36) Answer – option d ( NH​​​​​2)

– COOH is also known as carboxyl group.

– CO is also known as carbonyl group.

– OH is also known as hydroxyl group.

– NH​​​​​2 is also known as amino group.

Q37) Answer- Option b ( hydrolysis)

Explanation: In dehydration reaction there is loss of water
while in hydrolysis there is addition of water.

Hence, we can can say the result of dehydration synthesis can be
reversed by hydrolysis.

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* By addition of amino group the result of removal of water
cannot be reversed.

* Condensation is the conversion of gas to its liquid form.

* Polymerization is the process in which polymers are formed by
addition of monomers.

Q38) Answer – Option d ( adding hydrogen and decreasing the
number of hydrogen bond)

Explanation : By the process of hydrogenation oil is converted
into solid or semisolid substance. In hydrogenation addition
addition of hydrogen bond makes the oil less unsaturated.
Hydrogenation is an important process as it improves the self life
of the oil and improves it’s oxidative stability.

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Q39) Answer : option b ( phospholipid)

Explanation: Phospholipid, glycolipid and cholesterol are the
major classes of membrane lipids involved in increasing the
membrane permeability of the cell.

* They are amphipathic in nature as they have both hydrophilic
and hydrophobic part.

Q40) Answer- Option C ( chemical properties of R group)

The structure of aminoacid is – COOH-(NH2)CH – R

– Aminoacid consists of both
carboxyl and aminogroup.

– one aminoacid can be
distinguished from other on the basis of chemical properties of
side chain ( R group)

Q41) Answer – option
C ( the sequence of Aminoacid in the polypeptide chain differ from
protein to protein).

Aminoacid are the building blocks of proteins and it consists of a
aminogroup, carboxyl group, alpha carbon and R group. On the basis
of R group one Aminoacid differs from another

Hence, on the basis
of sequence Aminoacid in a polypeptide chain protein differ from
one another.

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