Which of the following is best associated with a coupled reaction?

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A. ATP consumes energy from another metabolic reaction.

   B. ADP often transfers a phosphate to the reactant.

  C. The metabolic reaction requires energy from ATP.

D. ATP gains a phosphate group.

E. ADP is used up in the metabolic reaction.

2 Answers

  • C. ATP hydrolysis is often the coupling reaction of choice when it comes to providing energy for otherwise unfavorable reactions.

  • Definition of coupled reaction :

    A chemical reaction having a common intermediate in which energy is transfered from one side of the reaction to the other.


    1. The formation of ATP is endergonic and is coupled to the dissipation of a proton gradient.

    2. ATP + glucose -> ADP + glucose-1-phosphate and glucose-1-phosphate + fructose -> sucrose + phosphate

    – a molecule of sucrose is synthesized from glucose and fructose at the expense of the energy stored in ATP and transfered by glucose-1-phosphate

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