Which of the following is not true about privacy?

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QUESTION 17 Which statement about privacy is NOT true? o Privacy is a simple term that describes a number of different but related concepts. O Privacy means that a person has control over their personal data at a person can specify the collection, use, and sharing of their data. O Most traditional views on privacy include the belief that the governments power to interfere in the privacy of its citizens is QUESTION 18 A major privacy concern of social networking includes information sharing. O True ○ False QUESTION 19 The portrayal in a false light involves appropriating, or taking, an individuats name or likeness without their consent. O True O False
QUESTION 26 Every state in the u.S, permits that employers can practice compute O True er or Internet-use monitoring when the employer provides the equipment to the employee. O False QUESTION 27 A Web beacon is a small, invisible electronic file that is placed on a Web page or in an e-mail message. It counts users who visit a web page. Ο True O False QUESTION 28 First-party cookies are set by one Web site but readable by another site, and third-party cookies are exchanged between a users browser and the web site the user is visiting O True O False

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SOLUTION:- (17) Incorrect Statement: Privacy means that a person can specify the collection, use and sharing of their data. (============================================================================================

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