Which of the following molecules is polar? c3h7oh c2h5cooh

All mutiple choice I need all 3 please

Water molecules have a polarity, which allows them to be
electrically attracted to other water molecules and other polar
molecules by weak chemical bonds known as

a. non polar covalent bonds
b. hydrogen bonds
c. polar covalent bonds
d. ionic bonds
e. none of the above

Which type of bond must be broken for water to

a. ionic bonds
b. polar covalent bonds
c. hydrogen bonds
d. both polar covalent bonds and hydrogen
e. aliphatic bonds

Which of the following molecules is polar?

  • C3H7OH and C2H5COOH are both polar
  • Neither C2H5COOH or C3H7OH is polar.
  • C2H5COOH is polar, but C3H7OH is not polar.
  • C3H7OH is not polar, but C3H7OH is polar.


1)b.hydrogen bonds

Hydrogen bonds are formed by hydrogen atom of a molecule of
water with oxygen atom of another water molecules.hydrogen atoms
are bonded to oxygen atoms in water molecules and so oxygen atoms
contains 2 lone pairs of electrons and partially positively charged
hydrogen atoms are attracted to lone pair pf electrons on oxygen of
another water molecules forming hydrogen bonds.

2)c.hydrogen bonds.

Water molecules in liquid form are attracted to each other by
hydrogen bond that prevents them from transforming to gaseous form
by acquiring kinetic energy. If we supply heat to break these
hydrogen bonds then the molecules goes into gaseous (vapor)

3)C3H7OH and C2H5COOH both are polar molecules.

C3H7OH is an alcohol which has polar groups (hydroxyl group) and
C2H5COOH is a carboxylic acid which also has a polar
group(carboxylic group) so bith are polar but polarity of
carboxylic acid is greater than that of alcohol.

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