Which of the following observations would do the most to discredit the Big Bang Theory if observed?

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A. A nearby galaxy is found that is moving toward the Milky Way.

B. The Hubble telescope observes a very distant, well-formed galaxy that appears to be very old.

C. A star was found with large amounts of iron.

D. The existence of black holes.

3 Answers

  • B. But it would have to be very, very distant, like 10-12 billion light years, towards the very early stage of the Universe according to its age determined by the Hubble Constant (13.7 billion years). It is were evolved, and thus old, it would indicate the Universe is older than indicated by Hubble’s Constant.

    Such a finding might not destroy the Big Bang Theory, but merely destroy the estimates for the Hubble Constant, which has been changed much since it was first formulated… older and older.

  • A. A nearby galaxy is found that is moving toward the Milky Way.

    [BB theory predicts Red shift but these approaching galaxies show Blue shifts violating BB theory. One explanation could be that local movements are exempt from the BB theory, that is additional factor adding to the Red shift]

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