Which of the following pairs of elements do you expect…?

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Which of the following pairs of elements do you expect to be most similar? Why?

A. nitrogen and oxygen

B. titanium and gallium

C. lithium and sodium

D. germanium and αɾꜱεnic

E. Argon and Bromine

I’m confused on what would exactly classify them as ” most similar” is it the number of electrons in its outermost shell?

Thanks for your help.

3 Answers

  • Well, (c), lithium and sodium, these 2 elements are in the same group on the periodic table (group 1), so they have the similar characteristics and both have 1 valence electron.

  • steel character will strengthen going from real to backside and reduces going from left to surprising. So, the solutions are a million) As 2) Be 3) P 4) Au 5) Fe be conscious besides the shown fact that that this is using the least confusing definition of “steel”; we are saying ok is extra steel than Fe with the aid of fact it has the extra desirable tendency to resign electrons (a function of metals). some could argue that Fe could be seen extra steel than ok, with the aid of fact ok has a decrease melting factor than Fe and is extremely comfortable (which at the instant are not commonly traits that we affiliate with metals.)

  • I’m not exactly sure but I would say Oxygen and nitrogen as they are both gasses and both of them co-exist in our own atmosphere. Again, I could be completely wrong. Best of Luck! 🙂

    God Bless and Stay Safe!!! 🙂

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