Which of the following solutions will have the lowest freezing point?

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A) 0.015 m MgCl2

B) 0.0100 m NaCl

C) 0.035 m CH3CH2CH2OH

D) 0.0100 m Li2SO4

6 Answers

  • a) -0.015* 3 * .186=-8.37*10^-3

    b) -0.0100* 2* .186= -3.72*10^-3

    c)-0.035* ….not it

    d)-0.0100* 3*.186= -5.58*10^-3

    A MgCl2 has three particles and a molarity of 0.015, multiply the two= biggest number out of all of them

  • The freezing point depression of a solution depends on the number of dissociated ions you will have. To do this, take the number of ions you will get a multiply by concentration. Also, you need to make sure that your molecule or substance or whatever completely dissociates in water (C does not do this). A is the correct answer. 0.015 M times 3 ions = 0.045 M.

  • to determine the lowest freezing point you must decide which solution will have the most particles is solution. MgCl2 will dissolve into 3 particles and .015(3) = .045. NaCl will dissolve into 2 particles and .01(2) = .02. C is a molecular. cmpd and will not dissociate into ions so .035(1) = .035. Li2SO4 will dissolve into 3 particles so .01(3) = .03. .045 is the largest concentration so it will lower the freezing point the most. A is the correct answer.

  • Read your book. That is what it is for!


  • C

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