Which of the following statements about Chinese silk is false?

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A. Silk was in high demand as a trade good.

B. Silk was made from the cocoons of silkworms.

C. The technique for making silk was lost after the Han dynasty.

D. During the Han dynasty, revealing the method for making silk was punishable by death.

Help please!!

2 Answers

  • C, Silk was used for economic and political exchange between the East and West. Also silk was used around the world. Not just China, like Greece and Rome. So even when it did fade in the Han dynasty, other cultures carried on! Google search for more history.

  • C. is false. Hello, they still make silk!!!! and silk was in high demand, since there was a silk road. as for silk being made from silkworms, they aren’t called silkworms for nothing. that leaves everything except C, which happens to be correct anyway.

    sorry for sounding so mean, i just think this is funny.

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