Which of the following statements about Nepal is true?

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A. Up until 2006, Maoist guerillas caused major disruptions in urban areas.

B. The country’s official policy emphasizes “gross national happiness.”

C. It became a democracy in the 1980s.

D. It’s a Muslim country that has fostered good relations with the British.

5 Answers

  • B

    My main question is whether as a republic, we will have finally improve our Gross National Happiness, GNH ( and not our GDP, no not that our material wealth progress indicator.).

    i.e material and mathematical analysis of GDP are just a small yet important indicator in the grand design of “Real Progress.”

  • C. Nepal became a democracy in the 1980’s

    Source(s): Essentials of World Regional Geography book
  • It became a democracy in the 1980s

  • C. It became a democracy in the 1980s

    Got it right on the exam 🙂

    Source(s): PAGE 170 of your textbook, third sentence under section “Nepal and Bhutan.” (book might be changed in the future, so don’t go crazy if you don’t find it 🙂
  • C

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