Which of the following statements about the Epic of Gilgamesh is false?

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A. Gilgamesh sends a woman to tame Enkidu, a wild man.

B. One thing that Enkidu learns is how to eat cooked food.

C. Enkidu lived like an animal in the grasslands.

D. In the end, Enkidu rebels and kills Gilgamesh.

2 Answers

  • One of those statements is definitely false, but another one isn’t quite accurate, either, at least in the version I taught many times. I agree with the previous answerers: you should read the epic. It’s actually very short–only about sixty pages. If even that is too much for you, you can probably find a good summary online, but I really think you should give yourself the satisfaction of having read the real thing. That’s one thing education is all about.

    Source(s): Retired professor
  • “D” is false. This is really a great book. You should read it. Bigfoot enthusiasts say Enkidu is a Bigfoot- LOL. He does sound like one. The flood portion of the epic is startlingly similar to the Bible.

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