Which of the following statements about vocabulary building is not correct?

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A. The best way to improve your vocabulary is to memorize lists of vocabulary words.

B. Reading on a daily basis is very important for building your vocabulary.

C. Using the dictionary is only one step in the process of vocabulary building.

D. Pronunciation is an important part of adding new words to your vocabulary.

12 Answers

  • I’m going with A.

  • the incorrect answer is A. memorizing lists of vocabulary words is a meaningless, mindless task. most people do memorize to pass a voc. test. if you were to ask the person, a week later, what a memorized word means, 90% or > would draw a blank. a combination of B, C, and D are authentic, viable methods to improve in the use of new vocabulary words.

    i would also suggest much practcie writing context clue sentences. For example, if the new vocabulary word is DISMANTLE—-locate the meaning in a dictionary and practice writing sentences containing the word. W/practice the meaning will take on greater lasting power.

  • I would say A. Always be suspicious of answers that say “best, or “only” – these are limiting words. The other 3 say “one step, part of, very important”. Besides, memorizing lists isn’t as good because you need to understand meanings and contexts of their use.

  • I accept as true with what Chris mentioned. My answer would be A. additionally. the main suitable thank you to strengthen your vocabulary is memorize lists vocabulary words. It does not make sense to me. If the sentence ended with the notice lists it would make extra sense. Or vocabulary lists. merely my opinion–

  • a, you shouldn’t memorize, you should learn the words

  • a

  • C is the right answer

  • A,,though it can be a “way” ..it s not the “best way ” for sure

  • A

  • A, D

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