Which of the following would not neutralize a solution of H2SO4?

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a.) sodium hydroxide

b.) nitric acid

c.) lithium hydroxide

d.) ammonia

Please help! Thank you

4 Answers

  • nitric acid cannot neutralize sulphuric acid solution.this is because acids are only neutralized by alkaline solutions to give water and a salt only.

    sodium hydroxide will neutralize the solution to give sodium (ii) sulphate and water.in the same way lithium(ii) suphate and ammonium(ii) sulphate are formed when sulphuric acid solution reacts with lithium hydroxide and ammonia respectively.water will also be formed.

    we therefore see that acids cannot neutralize other acids.

  • Use this equation Normality acid cases quantity acid – Normality base cases quantity base. so interior the 1st one (.ll7)(Vb) = .a hundred) (33.2ml) remedy for Vb Do the 2nd concern a similar way

  • b) nitric acid

  • HNO3(b)

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