Which one has the larger standard entropy?

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1) 1 mol of P4(g) at 300°C, 0.01 atm

1 mol of As4(g) at 300°C, 0.01 atm

2) 0.5 mol of N2(g) at 298 K, 20 L volume

0.5 mol of CH4(g) at 298 K, 20 L volume

I am not sure how to distinguish why in each problem how to know which one is more disordered?

1 Answer

  • standard entropies usually increase with an increase in molar mass, all other things being equal

    P4…. S = 218 /mole @….

    As4….S =314/mole @….(larger molar mass)

    N2…S = 191.5/ mole @….(larger molar mass which increases S)

    CH4…S= 186.3 @… ( has more atoms,which increases S),

    this would have been hard to call

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